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UV Light Installation


The Benefits Of UV light On Indoor Air Quality

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 Ultraviolet rays are used to break up the cell structure of airborne contaminants and remove them from your indoor air. They work great against mildew, mold, and bacteria. Some UV lights called germicidal lights continue to work when your air conditioning system isn’t running. UV light units are installed in your ductwork, air circulating through your system will get disinfected and because they are compatible with any air conditioner or furnace, they’re essentially a universal indoor air quality upgrade. UV lights help keep your ductwork clean by killing mold—and fungi—which can even extend the life of your HVAC equipment . We offer affordable UV light installation.

How does the system utilizing UV light technology works?

1. The UV lamp emits a continual germicidal light on all of the indoor air that flows through your ductwork. 

2. The UV light is capable of penetrating the DNA of  various microorganisms such as mold disrupting their reproduction cycles and leads to germ elimination. 

3. Cooling system circulates a constant disinfectant treatment by the installed UV lights. After just the first 45 minutes of ultraviolet light treatment, as much as 50 percent of the indoor air would be treated. 

4. Utraviolet lights function on wavelength and are safely sterilizing the indoor air environment without releasing dangerous ozone that can affect indoor air quality. 



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Affordable Air Conditioning Service and Repair


  • Check the air filter

  • Inspect the condition of the evaporator coil

  • Make sure the thermostat is set on cool and set point below room temperature

  • Inspect the position of the breaker

  • Check secondary power on transformer

Air conditioning and refrigeration repair in Melbourne Florida.  Subcool Air And Heat also offers duct and dyer vent cleaning in Brevard county.

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