Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning

Mini splits are a great way to cool your home. They provide energy efficient solutions to customers in need of cooling small areas.  Mini splits are available in various sizes rated in btu's, every 12,000 btu's is one ton of air conditioning and as a rule of thumb one ton of air conditioning can cool 400 square feet of area. Some mini split or ductless units have more than one evaporator which is the inside wall mounted unit blowing cold air throughout the home. Therefore one outside condensing unit containing the compressor can easily be attached to three evaporators located inside the building.  With the ability to have up to three different inside cooling coils allows the customer to add on additional square footage in the future. 


Where is a good place to install a mini split air conditioning unit? Well here in Melbourne, Florida a great place to install a mini split is in a small screened in porch area or larger areas such as a garage. Many homeownere would like the ability to work in their garage during the day however due to the heat many homeowners fear stepping in their garage during the day. Once a high efficient ductless air conditioner has been installed in the garage cleaning, organizing and completing projects is a breeze. The efficiency of the ductless mini split air conditioning system is rated in its seasonal energy efficiency rating (Seer) which can range from 14 to 24.

The higher the seer rating the more energy efficient the system is. Some high efficient mini split ductless units advertise costs as low as $4.00 for 100 hours of comfort which is much lower than traditional central air conditioning systems. Mini split units in the past were known to be costly and require difficult wiring to be made upon installation but are now more tech friendly and in some cases the copper refrigerant lines are pre charged with refrigerant. 


Which ductless mini split is right for me? The price of the unit varies depending on the seasonal energy efficiency rating (Seer) the size of the unit (tons) and the brand of the unit. The climate in Brevard county is hot and humid during the majority of the year with a short winter period encountering 2 to 3 days of temperatures reaching below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In most cases a heat pump ductless mini split air  conditioning system is recommended to provide the most cost effective solution in cooling and heating seasons in Palm bay, Florida. The difference between a heat pump and a standard straight cooling air conditioning system is that the heat pump reverses the refrigerant flow cycle changing the evaporator to the condenser thus rejecting heat into the space. A standard straight cooling air conditioning system uses electrical heaters to provide heat. Each system has their benefit depending on the application therefore contact a licensed contractor to assist you in your project. 

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