New AC Ductwork with financing options available.

Subcool Air and Heat in Palm Bay, FL. Residential fiberglass ductwork replacement, improve your home performance and indoor air quality. We offer UV light installation, fiberglass duct installation or cleaning and static pressure testing. Its unfortunate but the indoor air quality in most homes in america, is more polluted then the air outside and if your air conditioning duct system is more than 30 years old it should be inspected for air leaks. If your air conditioner ductwork needs to be replaced, or repaired you may call us or request an appoinment via email and an experienced technician will be dispatched to your home or business for a free ductwork replacement estimate.


The technician will check your ductwork and provide you with a detailed explanation of what needs to be done along with the cost of the repair.

Ductwork Replacement in Melbourne, Florida

  • Energy Savings

  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement

  • Better comfort

There are numerous benefits to replacing the old ductwork in your home. When a duct system is old, pieces of fiberglass begin to flake off and enter the air stream. Also, over time mice and other rodents can damage duct systems causing them to leak into the attic space. The amount of time your air conditioning system will need to run will increase due to the loss of cooling from leakage. In some hot conditions like here in Palm Bay Florida the loss of cooling from leakage in existing ductwork systems cost homeowners big time. If your duct work is over 30 years old think about having it replaced in the near future.



$100 VALUE!


Air Duct Cleaning In Melbourne Florida

Affordable Air Duct Cleaning In Melbourne

 In Melbourne Florida, it is important to have your air conditioner duct system cleaned. Here at Subcool Air and Heat, we offer premium air conditioning duct cleaning services at an affordable and fair price. If your air ducts needs to be cleaned, you may conveniently book an appointment online and an experienced technician will be dispatched to your home or business to clean your Hvac duct vents for a flat fee of $19 per vent. Subcool Air And Heat utilizes a negative push pull method to clean ducts properly. We do not use cheap rotobrush!

Air duct Cleaning Benefits

  • lower air pollutants, dander, dust, allergens

  • creates a cleaner living enviroment

  • Remove unwanted odors

  • Improve air flow