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Heating and Cooling Services in Melbourne

Keeping your home healthy requires the same preventive actions that we take in our everyday lives to keep our bodies healthy. There are several ways homeowners in Melbourne can take care of their HVAC unit, including regularly changing furnace filters and scheduling biannual professional maintenance. In turn, our professional heating and cooling services at Subcool Air and Heat will provide a range of benefits to you and your home.

If you’re ready to obtain the benefits of preventive maintenance of your HVAC system, take a look at our many services to ensure we’re the right company for you. In addition to preventive maintenance, we also provide 24-hour emergency services and installations to the Brevard County area.

Heating and Cooling Services are Crucial

Both heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are working efficiently to meet the needs of your home. When you avoid regular tune-ups and repair, you run the risk of seeing an increase in your energy bills, spotty heating and cooling throughout your home and having to engage in emergency furnace and AC repair.

In most cases, repairs such as these are needed before your unit breaks down. Leading up to a replacement, there are warning signs pointing to a larger problem that often goes unnoticed. To avoid costly repairs or having to replace your furnace or AC unit, keep in mind these crucial warning signs, such as a home that isn’t staying warm or cool. Repairs are needed when you least expect it, and when they arise, find a reliable contractor like ours. We are experienced, certifies, well-reviewed, and offer upfront pricing, so there are no more surprises.

Air Condition Repair vs Air Conditioning Replacement

An air conditioner that is not functioning properly could end up costing you hundreds of dollars extra each year to cool your home. In Melbourne, summer temperatures can get pretty high and result not only in higher energy bills but extra for an emergency air conditioning replacement.

Do you know when you should repair or replace your air conditioner? You would be surprised at how often we get called for a second opinion, only to find that the old AC has plenty of life still in it and doesn’t need to be replaced, as other companies have said.

Almost anything can be repaired if you’re willing to spend the money. However, air conditioning replacement should be considered if your unit is over 15 years old, if your utility bills keep rising, and if the unit has trouble keeping up. Our experts are honest and upfront with our pricing and advice. If an air condition repair will cost more than AC installation and replacement, then we will tell you that we think it’s best to replace the unit.

Your 24-Hour HVAC Contractor

No HVAC system is perfect, and sometimes things out of your control. Within our years of experience, we’ve come to realize HVAC systems have their biggest issues at the most inconvenient times. At Subcool Air and Heat, we’re not going to leave you out in the cold, or have you sweating in your own home. In most cases, we can absolutely handle your HVAC, furnace or air conditioner repair or replacement within 24-hours.

Our services include repair of all brands of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems. We also provide AC maintenance membership programs, new air conditioning system and ductwork installation, duct and dryer vent cleaning services, and commercial ice machines. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, won’t turn on, or is making banging noises, we’re also there to help!

For all your heating and cooling needs in Melbourne, contact us!

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