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What’s In Excellent HVAC Service?

Subcool Air and Heat is always ready for the next season – with the right resources to help you to maintain your home.

We help customers in the Brevard County, FL area to keep their properties safe, comfortable and livable condition with excellent professional servicing of heating and cooling systems and more. We help with HVAC repair as well as ice machines, vent cleaning, UV light installation and other types of professional home improvement and maintenance services that really bring value over time, not just for comfort, but for supporting the financial investment in a property.

Working with Top Brands

If you're the type who wants to really support your investment in your property as a financial asset, you've probably bought some high-end or even top-of-the-line heating and cooling systems. You want a shop that's able to offer the expertise to effectively work on these systems. We work with Trane, American Standard, Ameristar, Lennox products and other top brands on a regular basis, and we know these machines inside and out – we stock the right parts, train the technicians correctly and deliver the best value around, with a methodical, informed approach to keeping these quality systems in good working order.

Professional and Friendly Technicians

Our people know what they're doing. That's what you need when you see a truck pull up in your driveway.

Check out some of the testimonials on the site to see firsthand how our customers have been impressed with our technicians’ quick and effective repairs as well as their polite and professional attitudes, and how they approach a given job. Often, because you don't know exactly what went wrong with your systems, you benefit from having a friendly and professional person on hand to talk to about what's going on. Walking a customer through the process is key: we know this. Unfortunately, some companies don’t. The traditional way to see heating and cooling service was as a “rote commodity”

– where only the fix matters – but that’s an obsolete way to look at this business!

We know that, and that’s why we strive to add customer service and convenience to our top-tier technical team approach.

Effective Online Service

We've also made it easy to get connected to our professional technicians through our “book a service online” feature.

Get diagnostic work, vent cleaning, thermostat installation, air conditioning tuneups and more with single click functionality. See our scheduling at a glance, instead of wrangling with a phone dispatch to select a day and time for a service call. You’ll see how easy it can be to be proactive about property maintenance, and not just cross your fingers and call when something goes wrong.

It's all part of making these services accessible and convenient and offering the right repair service. Call Subcool Air and Heat when you need us – we’ll be ready!

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